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Learning Videos

This collection of Learning Videos provides narrated step-by-step instructions on completing key tasks.

User Management

Manage users


Common Vision2 security questions

Data Management

Managing data related to individual profiles such as Shared Visibility, Archiving, Merging and Households

Campaigns and Giving Goals

Help articles related to creating/managing campaigns and giving goals/pledges

Text To Give

Manage the Vision2 text to give service

Check and Envelope Scanning

Using the Vision2 check scanning service to process and deposit checks electronically

Online Giving Setup

Setting up statements, designation content, promotion lists, ask ladders, email, and web acknowledgments, widget landing pages


Vision2 accounting functionality

Online Gift Management

Scheduled/recurring giving, editing payments, outstanding commitments

Offline Giving Setup

Setting up campuses, services, offline general sources, and batch templates

Offline Gift Management

Deleting batches, entering Stock, Cash, and other actions for offline transactions

Donor Notifications

Triggered email communications and statements

Mission Trips

Working with mission trips

Slack Integration for Notifications

Using Slack for staff notifications


Information on various integrations V2 has and how they work.

Online Giving Instructions for Donors

How-to articles for donors using online giving

Vision2 Customer Bulletins