Creating the statement download page for your website

Steps to create the download page for donors receiving a statement link via email or text

Please note: if you use a V2 microsite instead of a full website implementation, you can disregard this article.

For those recipients who will obtain their statement from the email or text link, you will want to create a landing page on your website for the download (if you did not create it during your website implementation).

  • Create the Download Your Statement page in your web editor

  • In V2 Admin Portal navigate to: Web > Profile > Statements

  • Leave all optional settings disabled. This landing page is specifically to provide the download button for those individuals receiving a link through email or text and is separate from the statements widget you may already have on your website as part of your donor account pages.

  • Copy the div tag from this page and paste it on the Download Your Statement page in your web editor

  • Copy the script tag from the same page and paste it under the div tag on the Download Your Statement page in your web editor

  • Publish the Download Your Statement page in your web editor

  • Copy the Download Your Statement page’s friendly URL

  • Go back to the V2 Admin Portal and navigate to Web > Website > click the Websites link

  • Click the Pencil to edit the Main site

  • Scroll down to the Statement URL under the Profiles section

  • Paste the Download Your Statement web page URL into the text box

  • Scroll down to the bottom and click Save & I’m Done

Additional Information

You can use your existing statement widget to provide the download button. If you prefer to use your current statement widget, please reach out to us via Chat or email: for assistance.

Using either a new statement download page or your existing statement widget allows us to direct your donors to your website to download their statements. If you are unable to add the landing page or use your current statement widget, we do have a fallback in place. When donors click on the link, they will be redirected to a microsite page for download. The microsite page is connected to your admin portal, but it will not have the look and feel of your website so donors may contact you to verify the page they are being redirected to is valid.

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