Are there different ways donors can login to online giving?

Description of the authentication methods available for use with online giving

Vision2 offers several options for your donors to login to online giving. This article provides a list of those available options.

To see a list of authentication types associated with an individual profile, click on the Details button (located at the top of the individual profile) and scroll down to the Authentication section.


The Authentication section provides the following information for each authentication type:


Identifier: This is the login id used by the individual the individual

Authentication Type: This is the login method used by the individual

Status: This indicates whether the login method is active or not

Action Buttons: there are two actions buttons available for an authentication type:

  • Resend Verification: clicking this button resends the email with the link your donor needs to click to verify their account (verifying the account makes it active and available for use). Please note: if you are using a third party authentication type, this button will not be available.

  • Delete Authentication: clicking this button removes an authentication type from the donor profile. This is helpful if the donor needs to register a new email address or mobile number for their profile. Please note: if you know the new email address or mobile number, you can add it to their profile before they register. This allows the new login to associate with their existing profile instead of creating a duplicate profile.

Primary Authentication Options

There are several ways your donors can login to online giving. You will select one of the following as the primary method of authentication for your website. The available options are:

User name and Password

With this option, your donors can choose to register their email address or their mobile phone number as their user name. Please note: this is an either/or option.

  • Email Address and Password: This indicates that the individual uses their email address and a password to login to online giving

  • SMS: This indicates that the individual used a mobile phone number and a password to login to online giving

Single Use Token

SIngle Use Token is the authentication type used with V2 passwordless login.


This indicates that your organization manages donor authentication using a JSON Web Token.


This indicates that the individual logs in using an InFellowship login that is tied to their Vision2 profile.

Additional Options

In addition to the primary authentication option, there are additional authentication types you may see on an individual profile.


This indicates that the individual gives via Text to Give


This indicates that the individual is using their Facebook account to login to online giving. To setup login via Facebook, please see this help article.