Can I create Give Now buttons for an email campaign? | Vision2 Help Center

Instructions for creating a multi-purpose Give Now button

Yes! You can create giving buttons to add to anything you want. You can add buttons to multiple web pages, blogs, emails, Facebook, etc. This is a two-part process. You will create an online source for the new button and then generate the URL for the button.

Create an online source for an email campaign or a separate web button

  • In the V2 admin portal, navigate to Marketing tab > Web Sources > Giving Sources > Add a new Online Giving Source (+)


  • Provide a name and description of the source

  • In the Marketing section, provide a unique source code for data entry purposes. You’ll want to keep the code short with no spaces. Example: for food bank donations from a web page button that is separate from your regular promotion list, you could use: FoodBankButton as the source code. 

  • Click the Designation drop-down list to select the online designation that will be associated with this new source

  • If you use ask ladders, click the Default Ask Ladder drop-down to select the ask ladder you wish to use. Otherwise, leave this setting as the default.

  • Click Save & I’m Done

General the URL for the button

  • From your online giving website, click Give Now on any of your giving opportunities and copy the URL from that page


  • Paste the URL into a plain text editor (example: notepad)


  • Go to Marketing tab > Web Sources > Giving Sources and click the name of the source you just created

  • Copy the URL from that page


  • Paste it on a new line in your plain text editor


  • We will now combine these links to make the new link for our button. Take the two highlighted sections to make a new line:


  • Use this new link for the button that will be used in an email or a highlighted location on your website, separate from your promotion list


Please note: this link will take you to a give now page that looks exactly like the give now page for the original online designation. The difference will be the Source that is listed for any gift that comes through the new button.