Can I schedule a future gift or add a recurring gift on behalf of a member? | Vision2 Help Center

Can I schedule a future gift or add a recurring gift on behalf of a member? Create a scheduled or recurring gift in the V2 admin portal

You can set up a future gift or a recurring gift schedule on behalf of a donor by following these steps in the admin portal:
  • Click on the Data Entry tab

  • Under the Giving menu click the Plus Sign (+) to the right of the Gifts link

  • Click on the Source drop-down list, to select the source

  • Verify the Site/Campus, Gift Date, and Channel are correct for this gift

  • In the Gift From? section select An Individual, An Organization, or an Anonymous

  • For individuals or organizations, start typing the name or other contact information and potential matching profiles will populate on the right-hand side of the screen

    If this is an existing donor: click Select under the name of the individual or organization

    If this is a new donor: complete the remaining Profile Information fields. The new profile will be created once the gift is saved

  • In the What is the gift for? Section, click the Add Designation + button

  • Click the Designation drop-down list and then click the designation the donor wishes to support


  • In the Gift Amount text box, enter the dollar amount for the donation

  • For split gifts: use the Add Designation + button to add any remaining designations and dollar amounts for this gift


  • Click the Add Schedule button under the Gift Amount text box

    One-time gift for a future date: Select Once and enter the date to process

    Recurring gift: Select the recurrence pattern (monthly, weekly, etc.), set the day of the week (if selecting weekly or bi-weekly), and set the date to start. You can also add an end date if the donor wishes by clicking the Add End Date button


Please note: if the donor does not want a donation to process today, you will need to click the purple edit button to remove the Payment to Apply Today.

  • In the Funding Provided By section, click Credit Card or Bank Account

    Credit Cards: require card number, month and year of expiration, and billing address. Please note: if the billing address is different from the profile primary address, un-check the Use the primary address check box and complete the billing address fields


    Bank Accounts require bank name, routing number, account number, account type (checking, savings, or unknown)

  • You can add a gift note by clicking the Add Note+ button
  • When ready to process the payment or save the future scheduled/recurring gift, click the Save & I’m Done button