Can we offer more than one catalog item per donation? | Vision2 Help Center

Offer bundled items for a single quid pro quo donation

Yes. In Vision2, you can group two or more items in a single offer by creating a Package. Please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Catalog > Items & Packages > Packages > +

  • In the Display Name text box, provide a name for the package

  • In the Description text box, provide a description of the package. Please note: this description is public-facing.

  • Verify the Is Active check box is selected

  • Provide an Available Start Date

  • Provide an Available Until Date (Optional)


  • Click the Change Photo button to add/upload a photo for this package

  • In the Items section, click the Add Item + button


  • In the Search for Item search box, type an asterisk (*) to pull up a list of available items

  • Select your first item and provide the Quantity of items the donor will receive with this package

  • To continue adding items to this package, click the Add Item + button

  • The Quid Pro Quo dollar amount and Minimum Dollar Amount will calculate based on the items and quantity you add to the package.


  • Click the + Save & Add Another button to create additional packages

  • Click Save & I’m Done when finished creating packages