Enable Facebook Login for Vision2 Online Giving

Instructions to setup Facebook login for use with V2 online giving

You can now enable Facebook login for your donors to use with online giving. This article will walk you through the steps. If you would prefer to have assistance with this process, please feel free to send us a chat from the admin portal or email support@vision2systems.com.

This is a multi-step process that will require you to create a Facebook developer account, create and configure the app on Facebook, take the app live, and manage configuration settings in Vision2.

This Facebook help article will walk you through the steps to register for a Facebook developer account. You will need to log in to your regular Facebook account and then follow the steps provided in the article.

Create your Facebook app

This Facebook help article will walk you through creating the app. Please note: you will not have to write or test code. Following the steps provided will allow you to enable Facebook login for online giving.

For the App Type: select Build Connected Experiences

For the App Name: you can use your church name or your website

For the App Contact Email: use an email address that is monitored for notices that may need attention

For Business Manager Account: This is optional. If you do not have one, select No

Configure Facebook login for your app

Once the app is created, you will be taken to the App Dashboard

  • In the Facebook Login product, click the Set Up button

  • On the next screen, click Web

  • After saving, click on the App Dashboard

  • In the Facebook Login product, click the Set Up button.

  • Select Settings in the left-hand menu

  • Under Client OAuth Settings, enter your website root page into the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs field. You'll need to enter it twice, once with the www and once without the www

Examples: https://www.dynamicchurchdemo.org and https://dynamicchurchdemo.org

  • Save your changes

Take the Facebook app live

  • In the App Dashboard, click on Settings in the left-hand menu

  • Click Basic

  • You will need to update the following information:

Privacy Policy - Your organization's privacy policy on your website

Contact Email - provide an organization contact email address that is monitored

User Data Deletion - https://<subdomain>.v2sapi.co/auth/facebookdelete

Please note: you will replace <subdomain> with your organization's Vision2 subdomain Example: https://mychurch.v2sapi.co/auth/facebookdelete

App Icon - Upload an icon for your organization that is 1024x1024

  • Save your changes

  • Click the toggle switch near the top of the page to change it from In Development to Live

Update the Facebook app ID and secret in Vision2

  • From the Settings > Basic page, copy the App ID and the Secret

  • Login to your Vision2 Admin portal

  • Click on the Web tab

  • Click on the Websites link on the left-hand menu

  • Click the Pencil icon to the left of the website that will use Facebook login

  • In the Facebook Integration section, click the toggle next to Facebook Enabled so that it displays On

  • Paste the Facebook App ID and Facebook App Secret into their respective text box

  • Click the Save & I'm Done button

Once donors login to online giving using Facebook, you will see a new Authentication item on their individual profile. The identifier will be the email address they use to login to Facebook and the Authentication type will be Facebook.