Does Vision2 send returned payment notices for recurring gifts to donors? | Vision2 Help Center

Configure the recurring payment failure email communication trigger

In Vision2, you can notify donors that their recurring gift payment has been returned by enabling a triggered communication. This is a two-part process.

Edit the Trigger Communication Configuration

  • Login to the V2 Admin Portal and navigate to: Marketing > Configure Triggers

  • Scroll down to the Recurring Payment Failure communication and click the Details button to the right of the communication.


Please note: The default messaging is designed to send a message the day the payment return notice is received in Vision2 and again 5 days later.

  • Click the Preview button to the right of one of the responses

  • Click the Edit Template button to make changes to the subject line or message body. 

  • We recommend removing the default language in the message body and providing a gentle notice that the donor's payment was returned. Please provide your email address and/or phone number for the donor to contact you for assistance.

  • Click the Next button 

  • Click the Save & Exit button


Please note: the response changes you make will update all response line items. You only need to edit once.

  • To send only one returned payment notice: Click the Edit Trigger Configuration button, click the Delete button to the right of the second response item, then click Save & I'm Done


Enable the Trigger Communication

Please note: This trigger is enabled at the designation level. You will need to enable it for each designation that you want to provide recurring gift failure notices. 

  • Navigate to Finance > Designation Type (Projects, Campaigns, Funds, etc.) 

  • Click the pencil to the left of the designation you wish to enable recurring gift failure messages

  • Scroll down to the Trigger-Based Communications section

  • Click the toggle under Recurring Payment Failure to on


  • Use the drop down list to select the Recurring Payment Failure option that appears

  • Click Save & I'm Done