Duplicate Report

Excel export to identify potential duplicates to assist with easy data cleanup.

To access the report:

  • Go to Data Entry>People>Duplicates

  • The list can be downloaded as a spreadsheet to facilitate a review of each potential duplicate

  • If two records are NOT duplicates, the "Not a Dupe" on the right side of the page can be clicked and those records will no longer return as potential duplicates

Note: If you use a ChMS integrated with V2 such as Rock, Ministry Platform, or PCO, merges should be done there first and NOT in V2.

V2 actively runs duplicate detection every time a new Individual or Organization is manually created. To prevent the creation of duplicate profiles, V2 attempts to match the incoming profiles.

Despite the process, duplicates can still be created:

  • Donor registers for an online account with a physical or email address that does not match an existing profile

  • Donor registers for Text to Give and provides and email address that is not already on their existing profile

  • Donor creates a login account through a Church Management System

  • V2 Admin manually imports profiles