How do I add images to my online giving designations? | Vision2 Help Center

Add a photo to an online giving opportunity

Image size should be 2MB or less
Image dimensions should be 800x800 or less

  • Login to the V2 Admin Portal and navigate to: Finance > Designations

  • Under the Designations section, you have several designation types available: Projects, Campaigns, Funds, General Designations, and Mission Trips

  • Select the designation type you need to edit

  • Click the pencil next to the name of the designation you need to edit

  • Under the Media section, click the Change Photo button under the Web Photo item. Please note: This photo will be visible on the Giving Opportunities page and the Designation Details page

If the image has not been uploaded to your library

  • Click the Upload tab

  • Search for and select the image you need

  • Click the Save button

If the image has been uploaded to your library

  • On the Library tab, click the image you wish to use and then click the Use Selected Photo button

  • Click Save & I’m Done