How do I add inventory to the system? | Vision2 Help Center

Add catalog item inventory that is available for shipment

To create a receipt of inventory, please follow these steps

  • Navigate to Catalog > Inventory > Inventory Purchases > +

  • In the Purchase Order text box, provide the purchase order number

  • In the Receipt Date text box, enter the date the inventory was received

  • In the Supplier section, type the vendor name and hit the Tab key. Existing matches will appear on the right-hand side.

  • Click the Select button under the correct vendor

  • If this is a new vendor, complete the Profile Information section. Once the Receipt of Inventory has been saved, V2 will automatically create the vendor organization in your V2 Admin Portal.

  • In the Items section, click Add Item + button

  • In the Items Received search box, type an asterisk (*)


  • Select the item you have received from the vendor

  • If there are options for the item, specify the options


  • In the Quantity text box, type the number of items you received

  • In the Total Cost text box, enter the dollar amount for this line item

  • The Unit Cost will calculate based on the quantity and total cost you entered for the line item


  • To add line items for additional inventory received in the same shipment, click the Add Item + button in the bottom left corner of the Items section

  • Click Save & I’m Done when inventory has been added to the system