How do I change the suggested donation amounts on my website? | Vision2 Help Center

Instructions to create an ask ladder and apply it to a designation

Suggested amounts are called ask ladders in V2. You can create something as simple as a blank text box or an entire series of suggested amounts. Ask ladders are applied on the giving source of each designation. A default giving source is automatically created for each designation you create on the Finance tab.

This is a two-part process. You will create the ask ladder first and then apply it to the designation's source on the marketing tab.

Create an Ask Ladder

  • Login to the V2 Admin Portal and navigate to: Marketing > Ask Ladders > (+)

  • In the Name text box, provide a name that describes the functionality of the ask ladder. For example: Blank Text Box 

  • In the Description text box, provide a description of the behavior, or copy/paste the name of the ask ladder. For example: This ask ladder is a blank text box for donors to enter their own donation amount.

  • Click the Add an Amount button

  • In the Order number text box, type a number to represent the position this ask will have in this specific ladder

  • In the Amount text box, type the dollar amount for this ask

  • The MinAmount text box is optional 

Optional: Check the Amount is Editable check box if you would like the donor to be able to change the dollar amount given. In the MinAmount text box, enter the minimum amount you wish to receive.  

  • Continue to add asks as needed for this ladder

  • Once all asks have been added, decide which item should be the Default Ask (on the web, the default ask is the item the donor sees as pre-selected). Click the radio button to enable an amount as the default ask
     Click Save & I’m Done when finished

Apply an ask ladder to a designation

  • Login to the V2 admin portal and navigate to: Marketing > Web Sources >Giving Sources or Pledge Sources

  • Click the Pencil next to the giving/pledge source you need to edit

  • In the Default Ask Ladder section, click the drop-down list and select the ask ladder that should be associated with the designation

  • Click Save & I’m Done