How do I create a picklist for my fulfillment team? | Vision2 Help Center

Create a list of catalog items that need to be shipped

To create and download a picklist of inventory to be shipped by the Fulfillment team, please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Catalog > Picklists > +


  • In the Name text box, enter the name of this list

  • You can pull picklists based on the following:

By Package

  • In the Package search box, type an asterisk (*)

  • Select the package you need to fulfill

  • Click Save & I’m Done

By Date

  • In the Fulfillment Requests Prior to Date, enter the desired date

  • Please note: the picklist will pull all fulfillment items submitted before the date you enter here

  • Click Save & I’m done

All Outstanding Orders

  • After entering the name of the picklist, leave the Package and Fulfillment Requests Prior to Date fields empty

  • Click Save & I’m Done

  • Once you click Save & I'm Done, you will be returned to the Picklist main screen. The create picklist job runs in the background. If your picklist is not in a Picking Complete status, please refresh your browser until the status changes to Picking Complete.

  • To download the picklist into an Excel file, click the picklist name and then click the Download Information button