How do I create ask ladders for my premium items?

Create ask ladders that offer catalog items for specified donation amounts

To create ask ladders for your premium packages, please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Marketing > Ask Ladders > Ask Ladders > +

  • In the Name text box, provide the name of this ask ladder

  • In the Description text box, provide a description of this ask ladder

  • Click the Use Impact or Premium by Amount check box

  • In the Amounts section, click the Add an Amount + button

  • In the Order number check box, enter the number that this item will appear on the list

  • In the Amount text box, enter dollar amount you set for this item

Optional: Check the Amount is Editable check box if you would like the donor to be able to change the dollar amount given. In the MinAmount text box, enter the minimum amount you wish to receive in exchange for this premium

  • Click the Use Premium Check box

  • In the Provide why you are sending this package text box, enter a description to the donor as to why you are sending this package

  • In the Package Search box, type an asterisk (*)

  • Select the package that corresponds to this ask

  • To add additional asks, click the Add an Amount + button

  • Once all asks have been added, decide which item should be the Default Ask (on the web, the default ask is the item the donor sees as pre-selected). Click the radio button to enable that item/amount as the Default Ask

  • Click + Save & Add Another to create an additional ask ladder

  • Click Save & I’m Done when you have created all of your ask ladders