How do I delete a recurring gift? | Vision2 Help Center

Remove a donor's recurring gift using the V2 admin portal

To delete a recurring gift, follow these steps in the admin portal:
  • Click the Data Entry tab

  • Click the Individuals link under the People menu

  • Enter the search criteria in the appropriate fields and click the Search button

  • The search results will appear below the search box

  • To open the profile, click on the name link in the Individuals column

  • Click the Reports button on their profile

  • Click the Recurring Gifts tab

  • Click on the Information icon next to the schedule

  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click the Edit Gift button


  • In the What is the gift for? section, click the gift link

  • Click the Remove Schedule button

  • Click OK to confirm the delete

  • Click Save & I'm Done