How do I merge duplicate profiles in Vision2? | Vision2 Help Center

Steps to merge duplicate profiles

V2 actively runs duplicate detection in the background. However, there are certain instances where a duplicate record will be created and need to be managed. This includes a donor who registers for an account log in with an address or email address that is not currently on their profile. Additionally, if a donor registers for Text to Give and provides a different email address, a duplicate record will be created.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you use a Church Management System (ChMS) that is integrated with Vision2 (ex: Ministry Platform, Planning Center, The Rock, Fellowship One), you will manage your profile merges in your ChMS. We will pull the changes into V2 and update your data according to the merge. If you merge in V2, the changes will not be updated in your ChMS data.

To proceed with a merge in V2:

  • Click on the Data Entry tab

  • In the People menu section, click the button next to the Merged Profiles link 

  •  In the Select Target Profile section, search for and select the profile that you want to keep. The contact information in this profile will be marked as Primary contact information. 


  • In the Select Source profile section, search for and select the duplicate profile.

Please note: the contact information in the source profile will be added to the target profile and marked as secondary contact information.  Also note: If a recurring or future scheduled gift is attached to the source (losing) profile, we will allow it to survive the merge. However, should you need to edit the recurring gift, you will be required to re-enter the payment information. This is a security feature to protect your donor.

  • In the Merge Options section, there is a checkbox to preserve the login credentials associated the source (losing) profile, instead of the target (winning) profile. If using this option, make sure to check the Login Credentials That Will Work Post Merge section before you start the merge process to verify those are the credentials you wish to keep.

  • Click the Start Merge Process & I'm Done button 

  • You will be taken to the Merged Profiles index page

  • Search for the profile to verify the merge completed