How do I process a premium order with payment using offline gift entry? | Vision2 Help Center

Process a catalog order in the admin portal with payment (records cash & check payments, processes credit card & bank account transactions)

  •  Navigate to Data Entry > Giving > Gifts > +

  • In the Source search box, type the appropriate short code and hit your Enter key


  •  The Ask Ladder associated with the source you entered will populate

  • In the First Name text box, type the first name of the individual and hit your Tab key

  • Potential matching profiles will populate on the right-hand side of the screen. 

  • If this is an existing donor, click Select under the name of the individual

  • If this is a new donor, complete the remaining Profile Information fields. The new profile will be created once the gift is saved

  • Make any necessary changes to the Site/Campus, Gift Date, and Channel fields

  • In the What is the gift for? section, click the Add Designation + button 

In the What is the gift for? section, click the Add Designation + button 

  •  In the Designation search box, type the designation short code (or type an asterisk (*) in the search box to select from a list of available designations) and hit your Enter key

  • In the Gift Amount text box, enter the dollar amount for this gift and hit your Enter key. The default qualifying premium will auto-populate


  • To override the default premium, click the Choose Premium button

  • Click Change


  •  Type an asterisk (*) in the search field and select the desired premium from the list that populates

  • If options are available with the premium selection, set them according to the donor’s request


  •  If the item will be shipped to the donor, leave the Ship to the person giving checkbox selected

  • If the item will be shipped to another individual, uncheck the Ship to the person giving checkbox and complete the shipping information


  • For additional donations, click the Add Designation + button under the first gift details 


  •  As you add additional gifts, the previous entries collapse into a clickable link and the total amount due auto-calculates


  • To process the donation payment, select the appropriate funding method in the Funding Provided by section

Cash or Checks

 Click the payment type you are recording. These two payment options will record the payment type, but will not process a transaction.

Credit Cards

 Requires card number, month and year of expiration, and billing address (see image below)

Bank Accounts

 Requires bank name, routing number, account number, and account type (checking, savings or unknown)

  • You can add a note by clicking the Add Note+ button. For example: In Memory of My Aunt

  • When ready to process, click Save & I’m Done

  • Once processed, the Gift Summary screen shows the details of the order. If you need to make changes to the gift after clicking Save & I’m Done, you can click the Edit Gift button in the bottom left-hand corner of the Gift Summary Screen