How do I sort the order of giving opportunities on our website? | Vision2 Help Center

Steps to create and Organize your online giving promotion list

In Vision2, promotion lists are used to manage your online designations.

To create and configure your promotion list

  • Login to V2 admin portal and navigate to: Marketing > Promotion Lists > Add

  • Provide a Name and Description for your promotion list

  • Select the Is Default for Online Giving checkbox if this is your primary promotion list

  • Under the Designations section, click the Add Promoted Designation button


  • In the Promoted Designation search box, search for and select the designation you wish to add


  • In the Sequence text box, type the order number you want the designation to appear on your website. For example: If you want the designation at the top of the list, type a 1 in the text box

  • The Short Description text box is pulled from the designation’s short description section on the Finance tab

  • Continue to add and order your promoted designations for this list

  • Click Save & I’m Done

To preview your promotion list

  • Login to the V2 admin portal and navigate to: Web > Giving > Search and Browse

  • In the Widget Container Optional Settings list, click to enable the switch next to DisableSearch

  • Click to enable the switch next to Promotion List

  • Search for and select your promo list

  • Scroll down the page to the Widget Preview section to see how your list will appear on your website