Import a Completed Fulfillment File | Vision2 Help Center

Update catalog item status in V2 once the fulfillment team has completed the shipping file

To import a completed fulfillment file, please follow these steps:

1. Login to the V2 Admin Portal and navigate to: Data Entry > Imports > Manage

2. Click the Add an Import + button

3. In the Job Name text box, provide a name for this job

4. In the Type drop-down box, select Fulfillment

5. In the File Type drop-down, select the file type

6. Click Browse to search for and select your fulfillment import file

7. Seledct the First Row Header checkbox

8. Click Save & Continue

9. On the New Import Template you can choose to save this import template for future use. Click the Save this import template checkbox and provide a 10. Template Name

10. On the New Import Template page, use the search boxes to map the following fields

a. Fulfillment Id = FulfillmentId

b. Fulfillment Item Id = FulfillmentItemId

c. Date Shipped = DateShipped

d. Shipper = ShipperIdentifier

e. Tracking Info = TrackingInfo

f. All other field names should be mapped to Not Applicable

11. Scroll down and Click Save & Continue

12. On the Fulfillment Import screen, you will see your import job details

13. The import job runs in the background. If the import status is not Completed Processing, please refresh your browser until the status changes to Completed Processing.