Nightly Transactions Report | Vision2 Help Center

A daily report showing First Time Givers, Large Gifts, Reversals/Voids, and Expired Recurring Schedules

The Nightly Transaction Report is a report on the previous day's activity that will be sent overnight via email to ALL organization users with the Finance role. The link in the email will expire after 72hrs.

Turning on the Report

  • Go to Ledger>Reports>Nightly Transactions

  • Check box for "Enable the Nightly Transactions Reports"

  • Adjust Large Gift Threshold if desired

    • This sets the threshold for how large a gift must be in order to show on the Large Gifts tab

  • Select whether to send it to all users with the Finance role or specific Finance Users

  • Click Save


*If the Nightly Transactions Report page mentions an integration has not been setup, reach out to support via chat or for assistance.

What the Report Includes:

First-time Givers

Donor's giving for the first time will be listed along with the amount and date. If more than one gift was made at that time, only the first one will show. Recurring and future gifts will be reported on the creation date.

Large Gifts

Gifts equal to or greater than $25,000.00 will be included. If a lower threshold is desired to define a "large gift," contact V2 support who can adjust the cutoff for your account.

Reversed and Voided

The report includes Chargeback, Refunded, To Be Refunded, Voided, and Manual Refund. The return will be on the report for the date it occurred. The original Payment Date and Payment ID will be displayed.

Recurring Expired

Included are recurring gifts that have a payment for the date of the report, but do not have payments in the future. Gift ID and the Gift Date will be displayed.