Outstanding Commitments Due to a Failed Payment | Vision2 Help Center

Close outstanding commitments due to a failed payment

Vision2 will mark the following gift failures as outstanding commitments since the donor intended to give:

  • Recurring credit card gift failures with any error except a general decline

  • One-time, future credit card gift failure with any error except a general decline

  • ACH returns

  • Scanned Check returns

  • Recurring gifts that are still active but do not have a valid payment method

The Outstanding Commitments report will include all outstanding commitments to any campaigns, as well as any of the gift failures listed above.

Location: Data Entry > Giving > Outstanding Commitments

If you do not wish to collect the outstanding commitments that have occurred as the result of a failed payment, please follow these steps to close the commitment:

  • On the Outstanding Commitments page, click the Download Information button to download the list of outstanding commitments

  • The Designation Name column will provide you with the name of the fund, campaign, project, etc. that contains outstanding commitments

  • Navigate to Finance > Designations > (choose the designation type)

  • Click the name of the designation

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the Close Commitments button

  • Confirm your decision by clicking OK