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Steps to exclude recipients from statement generation

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If you have donors who prefer not to receive their statement, they can now be excluded in the bulk statement generator.

Steps to exclude recipients from statement generation

  • Create a new statement run Finance tab > Statements > Create a Statement Run

  • Email the recipient list to yourself


  • Since this is an exclusion list, you will want to remove the individuals who want to receive their statements. Meaning, the only recipients on this list should be those individuals who do not want to receive their statement.


  • If you do not wish to delete numerous rows on the emailed summary report, you can create your own list to upload. Again, you only need to add individuals who do not want to receive their statements. When creating your own list, the only column that needs to be included on the spreadsheet is Vision2 ID. The Vision2 ID can be found in the URL of the individual profile or on the individual profile details page.


  • Your spreadsheet should look like this, keeping in mind the column name must be exactly: Vision2 ID


  • Save your exclusion list

  • On the current statement run, click the Upload Exclusion List link:


  • Click the Select Exclusion File button:


  • Browse to your file, click it, and click Open:


  • Click OK to confirm the file upload:


  • Click OK:


  • Click OK:


  • Wait for the statistics to recalculate:


  • The new statement counts should be reduced by the number of exclusions you uploaded:


  • If you need to exclude additional individuals, simply repeat the process. You can upload an exclusion file as many times as you need.

  • The rest of the statement generation process has not changed. You are ready to send emails and texts, as well as generate your print and mail statements. NOTE: the recipients on the exclusion list will not receive an email by any route: email, text, or generated PDF.