What is an online giving source? | Vision2 Help Center

Overview of a giving source and its components

Each designation, imported or created, has a corresponding Giving Source. A giving source enables you to report against your giving based on the button a donor clicks to give and allows you to have unique web and email acknowledgment messaging by designation. The giving source also allows you to have a different series of donation asks by designation.

Web Acknowledgement: the message the donor receives as soon as their gift is submitted online. Best Practice:  keep this message short and personalize it for the donor 

Email Acknowledgement:  This email will be sent from your organization's email address as soon as the donation is submitted online.  The email acknowledgment template allows for images and links.  Best Practice:  Manage the content on an ongoing basis to engage donors who just gave to the church.  Example:  Thank the donor for the current gift, while encouraging support for the Food Pantry by providing a link back to your Food Pantry giving opportunity. 

Ask Ladder: An ask ladder is a 1 to many series of suggested dollar asks.  The ask ladder can be unique by designation.  Examples would be a single blank text box for Tithe or a series of $100, $200, $300, $500 with $500 being an editable text box for a Missions designation. Best Practice:  The power of suggestion works for lifting generosity so, where appropriate, use the series of suggested $ asks.