Where do I create email acknowledgments? | Vision2 Help Center

Customize the email acknowledgment the donor receives for an online donation

Every giving opportunity on your website requires an email acknowledgement. Email acknowledgements are created on the giving source of each designation. A default giving source is automatically created for each designation.


You can access acknowledgements in two ways:

From the Designation:

  • Login to the V2 admin portal and navigate to: Finance > Designations > click the designation type (example: Funds) > Click the Designation Name link

  • Scroll down to the Marketing section and click the Default Giving Source link


From the Marketing tab:

  • Login to the V2 admin portal and navigate to: Marketing > Web Sources > Giving Sources or Pledge Sources

  • Click the Pencil next to the giving/pledge source you need to edit


Once you are on the Acknowledgement page:

  • In the Acknowledgements section, click the Edit button under Email

  • Click the Preview button

  • Click the Edit Template button

  • Click on the Subject tag on the bottom of the form. This is the default subject line that will appear on the email the donor receives. The default subject line will thank the donor by first name and include your organization’s name.

  • Click the Body tag on the bottom of the form. The default messaging will return the detailed information regarding your donor’s gift. Please leave this messaging and personalize around this information

  • Under the edit box, you will find a list of template data that you can use to personalize the message your donor receives

  • Click Preview and Save

  • Verify that the acknowledgement appears as you expected

  • Click Save & Exit